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Black Cherry "OATS" Segmented Vase Form

3 in. x 3 in. x 3 in.

"OATS" is an acronym I came up with to describe the off angle triangle stave segmented blank I "discovered" in 2004. A very similar variation had been done in England more than a decade before, but I was totally unaware of that when I began to claim my "original idea."

Moving on, this is the smallest piece like that that I have done. It is made up of black cherry staves, maple and walnut veneers and a walnut base. It is finished with one or two coats of sanded polyurethane and micro-crystalline "Renaissance" wax.

Part of our private collection.

Hollow-Small_Seg/01.jpg Hollow-Small_Seg/06.jpg Hollow-Small_Seg/02.jpg Hollow-Small_Seg/03.jpg
Hollow-Small_Seg/04.jpg Hollow-Small_Seg/05.jpg Hollow-Small_Seg/07.jpg