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BIG Apple Burl Fruit Bowl

16 1/4 in. x 16 1/4 in. x 4 1/4 in.

This bowl is from what was the largest and probably the oldest apple tree in the state of Massachusetts. Most of it came down in a storm and I was invited to be the first one to take whatever I wanted from what had fallen. I KNOW that apple is hard to find in large pieces and extremely difficult to keep from cracking in any size, but I couldn’t help myself. The largest apple burls I had/have ever seen were laying there asking to go home with me. So, this apple burl bowl is not fit for salad or anything wet. It is, in fact, in light of its material and size a piece of art… It needs not have a purpose to be valued.

Sanded with kukui nut oil to 800 and finished with micro-crystalline "Renaissance" wax.

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Item #ABB

Price $595